The weakest link in any security system is people!


  • 47% increase of Insider Threat over last 2 years
  • 57% of Insider threat actors are contractors and consultants
  • 31% of companies have over 1000 vendors
  • 150% growth of co-working spaces in US




US Companies experience 2,500 internal security breaches daily


*Co-working Space Global Marketing Report 2023; Security Week April 12, 2023; SoftActivity – 31 Insider Threat Stats 2023; HBR 01/25/2022

Security with no infrastructure upgrades needed.




With true 2 factor authentication built in, the RFID authorization requires no changes to your existing infrastructure.

Solution: bringing biometric digital credentialing to physical access control.



Digital Me =DigMe biometric digital badge!

Secure Your Digital Identity

Smart Card

Fingerprint activated with single credential

DigMe Device

Multiple credentials digitally display with fingerprint activation

Manage Your Workforce with the Digital Identity Dashboard

With the Digital Identity mobile app and dashboard, you can upload your cards easily and manage them securely. Simultaneous update of multiple screens using a cloud interface that is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. Deactivate at the click of a mouse.  You can manage who has access to what, where, when, and how.